Japan's proud Smart
Laundry SF Series

Washar/Dryer 2-in-1(combo)
model SF Series

The washer/dryer meeting the demands of the new era.

~TOSEI-top supplier of washer/dryer in Japan~

  • SF-155GL


    Washing/drying capacity
    Washing: 15 kg / Drying: 11 kg

  • SF-275GL


    Washing/drying capacity
    Washing: 27 kg / Drying: 18 kg

  • SF-355GL


    Washing/drying capacity
    Washing: 35 kg / Drying: 26kg

Product List


Product No. SF-155GL SF-275GL SF-355GL
/drying capacity
Washing: 15 kg
/ Drying: 11 kg
Washing: 27 kg
/ Drying: 18 kg
Washing: 35 kg
/ Drying: 26 kg
Body color Stainless / White
Acceptable coins T.B.D. (local coins)
Power 200-240V / single phase 380V / 3 phases
/ heating system
Open drying / gas burner heating
Exhaust diameter Diameter: 200 mm
dimensions *1
800 (W) x 1262 (D)
x 1725 (H) mm
940 (W) x 1357 (D)
x 1830 (H) mm
1070 (W) x 1472 (D)
x 1860 (H) mm
Weight 550kg 820kg 1110kg
Drum size 630 diameter x 480mm
760 diameter x 595mm
840 diameter x 630mm
Rated electricity consumption 1100W (washing)
/ 450W (drying)
1400W (washing)
/ 1050W (drying)
2200W (washing)
/ 1450W (drying)
Drum rotation
Washing: 52rpm
/ spin: 850rpm
drying: 61rpm
Washing: 45rpm
/ spin: 770rpm
drying: 53rpm
Washing: 49rpm
/ spin: 730rpm
drying: 53rpm
Standard course water
143L 212L 277L
Drying heat source/
gas consumption
LP gas:
11.5kW (0.82 kg/h)
Mains gas (13A):
11.5kW (9,900 kcal/h)
LP gas:
20.9kW (1.49 kg/h)
Mains gas (13A):
20.9kW (18,000 kcal/h)
LP gas:
29.3kW (2.09 kg/h)
Mains gas (13A):
29.3kW (25,200 kcal/h)
Air flow 9 m3/min 16 m3/min 17 m3/min
Pipe diameter Water supply: 20A Hot water supply: 20A (option)
Gas supply: 15A Drainage: 89 mm
*1 The depth does not include the handle.
*2 Standard load. Varies depending on size of the load and fabric.
*3 Contact us regarding gas consumption for mains gas (12A).

Door Rim Color

Selection of

  • Satin Black

    Satin Black

    Standard color

  • Sapphire Blue

    Sapphire Blue


  • Wine Red

    Wine Red


  • Pistachio Green

    Pistachio Green


Body color:Stainless


Body color:White

Smart Japan Technology

We have added a touchless panel to respond to
growing concerns about hygiene

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Industry first

Patent pending

We have added a touchless panel to respond to growing
about hygiene

The course switch responds simply by bringing a finger close to the switch, without touching it directly, thereby enabling contactless operation.
The panel, together other features such as clothing sterilization and repellent temperature lamps, enables users to feel confident about the cleanliness of both equipment and their laundry.

  • Standby


    All courses are displayed

  • When selecting a course

    When selecting a course

    All options other than the course selected fade when the user holds their hand up to the panel

  • During operation

    During operation

    Only the selected course is displayed

Changes drying temperatures to
suit thegarment

Temperature settings can be changed based on laundry labels for delicate and other garments.

3-level temperature control

temperature control

Attract more customers by promoting “mite repellent wash” which adds mite repellent agent to wash cycles

Mite repellant can be added to the triplex pump to enhance the mite repellant effect during the rinse cycle.
Promoting “mite repellent wash” will help attract customers.
*The mite repellent effect lasts about one month.

Triplex pump Detergent Softener Mite
Triplex pump
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Inhibits mold and keeps washer
/dryers clean

Washer/dryers have been designed to dry the inside of the tank at a high temperature during the final “drying”
cycle, which is effective in controlling mold and inhibiting bacteria.
Tests have demonstrated that the level of mold and bacteria in a washer and dryer used for approximately 4 years is “1”.

Inhibits mold and keeps washer/dryers clean Bacterial
(bacteria per ml) Washer
(used for approx.
2 years)
(used for approx.
4 years)
Mold Spores

Certificate of tests requested from
the Clinical Laboratory the Clinical Laboratory
Department at Toyo Kensa Center Co. Ltd.

Industry first

Patent pending

Customizable antiviral handles

Equipment door handles can be customized.This helps you differentiate your store and increase their appeal.
The handles have been treated to repel viruses and improve hygiene, enabling users to feel comfortable using the machines.


Customizable antiviral handles

“Automatic lint cleaning function” to keep drum clean

The water level is raised during drum washing to remove any lint that has got stuck between the drum and the bellows.

“Multi-level fan speed control” to prevent drying efficiency loss due to filter clogging

The fan speeds up to control the temperature inside the drum during drying when the filter is clogged.
This function prevents an error message from appearing and reduces the time and effort involved in resetting the machine.

Advantages of washer
/dryer 2-in-1 (combo) model

With washer/dryers, sales are stable in both sunny and rainy weather, contributing to space-saving and efficient design.

Combined washer/dryers ensure stable sales regardless of the weather. Having both washing and drying functions in one machine also saves space.

Reduce space by half Washer
x 5 machines
x 5 machines
x 5 machines
by half

Install our washer/dryer
to improve utilization rate

While the number of dryer users increases on rainy days, sales on sunny days can also be expected as combined washer/dryers have a washing function in addition to a drying function.

Average daily sales per unit Average daily sales per unit (yen) Dryer
by 50%
Rainy day Sunny day Dryer Washer/dryer *Graphs uses actual data from our model store
Dryer Washer/dryer Rainy day Sunny day Usage declines on sunny days Improvement
in utilization
Stable usage even on sunny days

Saves space and has high
spend per customer

Dryer sales account for 65% if all sales (approx. 500-600 yen per person), while washer/dryer sales account for 75% of all sales (approx. 800-1,200 yen per person), thereby increasing profitability.

Water/dryers (yen) Washer/dryers
double customer
Washer + dryer Washer/dryer *Results at our model store.

Average laundromat
Separate washer and dryer

Average laundromat Spend per
Increase spend
per customer
Percentage of dryer sales 65% * Depends on charges Percentage of washer/dryer sales 75%
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