TOP Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TOSEI CORPORATION (hereafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes the value and usefulness of customers' personal information and will implement the following privacy policies in its business activities.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with laws and regulations and other standards regarding personal information.

2. Clarify the reason for use of personal information and prohibit all other use of personal information

When we ask customers to provide their personal information, we will clarify the purpose of such information in advance and limit its use to the stated purpose. If it becomes necessary to use the personal information of a customer beyond the scope of the purpose specified previously, the customer will be informed of the new purpose in advance. If the customer does not permit the use of their personal information, they may, at their own discretion, refuse such use.
If a customer does not wish to provide us with their personal information, they may, at their own discretion, opt out of providing it. (However, we may not be able to provide such services if personal information is essential to the provision of the service.)

3. Non-disclosure and non-provision of customers' personal information to third parties

In principle, we do not disclose or provide personal information provided by customers to third parties except in the following cases.

  1. 1) With your consent.
  2. 2) When we deem it appropriate for our affiliates or agents to respond to your inquiry depending on the content of your inquiry.
  3. 3) When subcontracting work to an outside contractor with whom we have entered into a confidentiality agreement in advance, such as in the case of a campaign or sweepstakes.
  4. 4) When you provide the necessary information to a financial institution for payment of goods and services, such as credit card payments.
  5. 5) When the disclosure of personal information is required by a legal order, etc.
  6. 6) When the business is taken over due to a merger, company split, business transfer or other reasons.

4. Inquiries about personal information

If you would like to verify your personal information, please contact the department to which you have provided your personal information (in the case of the internet, please contact the website administration department). In order to prevent the leakage of your personal information to a third party, we will inform you of your personal information that we keep only after we have confirmed your identity.
In the event of an error or change in your personal information, we will correct or delete any inaccuracies or outdated information upon your request. However, in order to prevent a third party from tampering with customers' personal information, the Company will only use this information if and when the customer's identity has been confirmed by the Company.

5. Safety measures against risks related to personal information

We will take reasonable safety measures against risks related to personal information, such as unauthorized access, leakage, loss, destruction, and falsification.

6. Establishment of a personal information protection system

We have established a system to protect personal information and will continue to review and improve this system.

TOSEI Corporation
President and Representative Director
Kazuo Yajima

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact us.