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Large coin laundry machine Top share in Japan *According to our research

Recruitment of distributors

Japan Technology Would you like to sell Japanese coin laundry machines?

world's first! For business Washing and drying machine development *In-house research
large coin laundry equipment Japan Top share *In-house research

Reliability and responsiveness through domestic production

Washing and drying machine
Dryer single
2-stage gas dryer
refresh steamer

We are looking for a sales agent for coin laundry

In order to expand the coin laundry business to the world, TOSEI will start recruiting distributors who can become new business partners. Would you like to sell equipment that utilizes Japan's cutting-edge technology and take on the challenge of expanding your agency business together?

What is TOSEI?

TOSEI Co., Ltd. is a commercial washer/dryer manufacturer with a history of more than 70 years since its founding, and is a leading company in the industry, with a track record of supplying 45% of Japan's large coin laundry machines, or about 9,000 coin laundries. .

*Large coin laundry machines 2022 shipments share (According to our research)

The coin laundry market is on the rise in Japan

A laundromat where the main users are busy mothers who both work. In addition to the increasing number of women entering the workforce, the number of fashionable and clean stores is increasing compared to the past, and advances in washing machines have made it possible to shorten the time required for doing laundry.

Number of coin laundry stores opened

Coin laundry stores are on the rise!

* Number of stores: 12,726 (1999) ▶︎ Approx. 25,000 (2021)
Changes in the number of laundromats opened

large coin laundry equipment Top share in Japan*

TOSEI is the leading company with the top share in the large coin laundry machine market in Japan!

Coin laundry machine market share in Japan
large coin laundry equipment Fiscal 2022 shipments
share 45%
*According to our research

world's first pride

In 2001, we developed, manufactured, and sold the world's first coin laundry washer/dryer, and now the washer/dryer has become the industry standard in Japan.

Space-saving washer/dryers contribute to sales

Washer/dryer sales are stable regardless of rain or shine Contributing to space-saving and efficient design

By integrating the washing machine and dryer into one unit, sales are stabilized regardless of the weather. In addition, it also contributes to space saving as it has washing and drying functions.

5 washing machines + 5 dryers

5 washing machines + 5 dryers Image

5 washer/dryers

Image of 5 washing and drying machines
Image of 5 washing and drying machines

The introduction of the washer/dryer improved the operating rate

The use of dryers increases on rainy days, but "washing dryers" are equipped with washing functions in addition to drying functions, so we can expect sales from washing clothes on sunny days.

Average daily sales per unit

Average daily sales per vehicle
Dryer sales decreased to 1/2
Washer/dryer sales are stable
Dryer Earnings
1/2 To
Washing and drying machine Sales are stable
Wet day
a sunny day
Washing and drying machine

* The graph is the performance data of our model store.

for the dryer

Operating rate drops on sunny days

Wet day
a sunny day
Utilization rate improvement
Washing and drying machine
For washer/dryer

Stable operation rate even on sunny days

Space-saving but high unit price per customer

Dryers account for approximately 65% ​​of sales (approximately ¥500 to ¥600 per person), while washer/dryers account for approximately 75% (approximately ¥800 to ¥1,200 per person).
Profitability will also increase.

Average daily sales per vehicle
If you use a washer/dryer, the average price per customer is doubled!
If the washer/dryer Double the customer unit price!
washing machine + dryer
Washing and drying machine

*Actual results of our model store.

General coin laundry
Separate washer and dryer
For washer + dryer
Customer unit price

Dryer sales ratio

65 %
For washer/dryer
Customer unit price UP¥800~¥1,200
Customer unit price UP

Washer/dryer sales ratio

75 %

*The posted prices are sample prices in Japan.
* Equipment usage fees vary depending on the country.

We have a high affinity with companies in these industries

Recruitment of coin laundry distributors!!
Companies that already have a sales route
  • gas, electricity, kerosene oil, solar power, etc.

    Energy sales company

  • Kitchen equipment, car wash machines, vending machines, coin parking, etc.


  • real estate, housing, etc.

    rent, sell,
    management, manufacturers,
    Construction company

  • such as laundry detergent

    Wholesale distributor

  • Large companies, SMEs, etc.

    New business
    Department in charge

  • Companies looking for new sales products for sales routes
  • Companies that want to expand their business with new businesses
  • Companies that want to utilize the sales skills cultivated in their main business
  • Companies that want to work with a supplier who has proper sales support and support

Made in Japan,
with reliable JAPAN Technology

Shizuoka Factory
244 Nakajima, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2322
Acquired ISO9001/ISO14001 certification

Our Shizuoka Plant has obtained the international standard ISO9001 certification for quality management systems and the international standard ISO14001 certification for environmental management systems.


ISO9001/ISO14001 TOSEI Shizuoka Office has obtained ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certification.

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